The second public information session will be held at Frederick County MS on November 28, 2018, at 6:30pm.

The November 28, 2018 Public Information Session is intended to inform the public about the ongoing Middle School Rezoning Study.  Attendees will listen to a presentation provided by the consultant, Cropper GIS.  The presentation will include an overview why rezoning is necessary, how the rezoning process works, and a timeline of the work to be done. 

After the presentation, the public will be invited to view current DRAFT Options that have been considered by the committee. Committee members, consultants, and school district staff will be around the maps to help answer any questions that the public has.

Most importantly, the public is invited to participate in a survey which will open the night of the public information session. The survey results will help benefit the work of the committee and inform them of any changes that need to be made to bring the options closer to adherence to the rezoning objectives and criteria.

The online interactive map now shows the latest 3 DRAFT Options that are being shared with the public. Also, the following materials will be presented at the Public Information Session:

PowerPoint Presentation

Letter-sized handout

Large Plot Maps

Table Plots

Please use the following LINK to participate in the online survey, and thank you for your participation!